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CEA & NSF Wearable Sleep Monitors Working Group


Sleep technology has incredible potential to improve consumers’ sleep and their health, but in many cases current sleep trackers have not met consumer expectations. It is possible for wearables to produce useful sleep tracking metrics, but we need to standardize.

That’s why CEA and the National Sleep Foundation have partnered to explore technology standards that will aid the development of consumer sleep technology. In 2014, CEA formed a Wearable Sleep Monitors Working Group that is developing standards, bulletins and other documents addressing wearable sleep monitoring equipment.


In addition to sleep experts from NSF, the working group includes companies at the leading edge of digital health technology, including Fitbit, Misfit Wearables, Jawbone, Qualcomm Life and Hillcrest Laboratories, among many others.

Working Group Progress

Work has begun to define commonly used sleep technology terms to create a common understanding among those in the marketplace. Common terms have three varieties of definitions, including a laboratory definition, an operational definition, and a wearables definition. The next step will be to determine minimum performance standards to ensure the devices accurately measure what they claim.

Join the Working Group!

Anyone, except for members of the press, is eligible to join a CEA standards committee. Participation is free of charge for CEA members; non-members pay an annual participation fee based on your company’s annual revenue. For more information on how to join the Wearable Sleep Monitors Working Group, please visit https://standards.ce.org/kwspub/join/.





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